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Mafia, Yakuza and Gangsters are often turned into stories in an anime. All three are known as groups familiar with the criminal underworld. But in anime stories, sometimes they are presented as something different.

We will see the life of members of the Mafia, Yakuza and Gangsters from different points of view. It’s not just about killing, sometimes their lives are told so absurd and hilarious. List of Anime Titles About Mafia, Yakuza and Gangsters

If you are looking for anime like above, then Chameleonime has some recommendations that are very suitable. More curious? 1. Gungrave

One of the series about the classic mafia. There are two orphans living in the middle of a cruel city. But once upon a time, they had to get involved in a syndicate organization and join them.
However, a betrayal destroyed the friendship they had forged for a long time. Action life with supernatural powers is ready to provide an interesting spectacle. Gangsta

As the name suggests, this anime is certainly closely related to the lives of gangsters. Follows the story of 2 mercenaries who do various random jobs throughout the city. How will their actions continue? 3. Durarara

This anime tells a few different stories. But in one part it will tell the story of an alley, The Dollars. A large group but no one ever knows who the leader behind it is. Cowboy Bebop

It tells the story of a space bounty hunter. A group of people gathered in a Bebop crew. Spike Spiegel himself has the deadly fighting abilities he gets from his job as an assassin in his Red Dragon Syndicate. Nisekoi

Actually, this anime does not tell about gangsters as the main story. Because it is one of the best romance anime of its era. But Nisekoi also tells the story of the feud between the Yakuza and the Mafia that is displayed in a unique and hilarious way. Darker Than Black

The story of those who are endowed with power are referred to as Contractors. An organization decided to recruit them and give him a job. Although the story is not entirely about gangsters, but you will still get a similar atmosphere. Baccano

Set in the 1930s in Ujun Prohibition. Baccano is a series that combines stories about the mafia and alchemy. Many gangster groups were heavily influential in the plot of the story. They fought each other for territory.8 Gokusen

It tells the story of a young woman who is responsible for the mischief of a thug. Although it looks geeky, but actually he is the heir of a Yakuza group. And perhaps those thugs were nothing more than a nuisance rat to him. K

An alternate world called K, there are 7 kings who are tasked with guiding humans. And each of them formed their own group. And when someone is killed, it will cause conflict that is difficult to assuage. Air Gear

Throughout the city, there are many roller skate alleys that control their respective territories. Ikki is a beginner who doesn’t even know anything about rollerblading. But he accidentally has to be dragged into conflict against the other gangs. He began to create his own alley with his friends. 91 Days

In the town of Lawless, Angelo witnesses his parents and brother being slaughtered by the Vanetti mafia family. Seven years after the incident, he returned under the name Avilio and infiltrated the mafia family to destroy it from within. Arcana Famiglia

Follows the story of a group of protective organizations known as the Arcana Famiglia. Each member has a contract with tarot cards in order to have a unique power.

But once, its leader announced to step down and retire. He is looking for a successor who will be the leader as well as marry his daughter. But only the person who wins the Free-For-All will get it all. Great Teacher Onizuka

What if an ex-delinquent turns into a teacher? Eikichi Onizuka is the former leader of a violent motorcycle gang. But now he’s a teacher. Where there were so many mischievous students he had to deal with. But for Onizuka, they are just cockroaches that are easy to overcome. Cromartie High School

Takashi is a child with an average IQ. But he enrolled in Cromartie Junior High School which is famous for its mischievous students. And of course there we will witness the lives of the school thugs full of fights. Phantom : Requiem for the Phantom

In The United States, murder is common. The whole city is ruled by the mafia. Meanwhile, Inferno is a company that does a lot of damage with its inhuman weapon, the Phantom.

The recommendations of several anime titles about the mafia, yakuza and gangsters. We’re going to get stories about delinquents and dangerous groups. But there are also those who are told in a hilarious way to make a mess.

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