10 Best Isekai Anime Recommendations (Latest in 2021)

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The isekai genre tells the story of the main character who is called to another world. This genre presents adventure stories and action-packed scenes. Anime lovers must have been very familiar with isekaianime. Therefore, this article specifically discusses the best isekai anime recommendations.

How to choose anime isekai we will discuss to help you make a choice. Good isekai anime recommendations, such as Sword Art Online, Ni No Kuni,and The Rising of The Shield Hero, you’ll find in this article. Therefore, make sure you read to the end, yes!

  • Last update: 13 September 2021

Isekai has another world meaning in Japanese. Isekai originally belonged to the fantasy genre, but as the interest grew, this genre has its own category. You can enjoy various types of worlds in the anime isekaigenre, ranging from royal, magical, to virtual worlds.

In addition, the main character entering another world is usually divided into two. The first is a character who gets a call from another world. The second is a character who is reincarnated because he has died in his previous life.

The isekai genre is popular for its unique and visually stunning story. In addition, other worlds or isekai also feature some alien beings and magical powers possessed by each character. That way, those of you who like to imagine interesting things that don’t yet exist in the real world will love it.

Maybe you are still confused about what anime isekai is like. Well, at this point we will discuss how to choose anime isekai based on subgenre,duration, ratings, and other audience reviews. Therefore, look carefully, yes!

Animated or anime movies don’t just refer to one genre. There are many subgenres that you can find in one anime genre. The idea and storyline will be much more interesting when the isekai genre is combined with other subgenres.

The following is an explanation of some of the subgenres in the isekaianime.

  • Romance:This subgenre will make the audience smile themselves because of the storyline and interaction between people who both have interests. The romantic scenes shown usually contain elements of haru, sadness, and happiness.

  • Action: Subgenres action is arguably the most sought after and also the most popular among fans of anime and animated films. In addition to having an overpowerbattle or war scene, this subgenre also has a scene full of conflict.

  • Adventure:   In this subgenre you will be taken following the adventure of the main character in traveling somewhere. The adventure of the character is certainly followed by various exciting events. You’ll also see many other place settings and characters. That way, you won’t get bored even if the story focuses on the main character only.

  • Fantasy:There are also anime that feature magic, mystical creatures, and other things that do not exist in the real world. Many people are looking for inspiration to create images or illustrations through stories and visuals of fantasy subgenres. The story will also make you imagine as if you are in an amazing world of magic.

  • Comedy:As the name suggests, this subgenre will make you laugh. In addition to anime characters who have silly behavior, the storyline is also light and easy to understand.

  • Harem:Subgenre harem is a category of anime that tells the story of male characters surrounded by many beautiful women. However, it should be noted that these subgenres usually lead to adult themes.

Watch other audience reviews

Before watching the anime of choice, you can see reviews from other audiences. Check audience reviews from various platforms, ranging from special forums to official accounts on social media.

The legal movie screening platform also displays the rating of the film itself which is rated based on the number of stars. The more stars listed, the more recommended the film is. However, also pay attention to the number of viewers who give value,yes.

Since anime reviews usually contain a lot of spoilers,we recommend that you simply read them at a glance. So, the review will not decrease your curiosity to watch the anime. You can also help other viewers by writing anime reviews you’ve already watched on the same platform.

Make sure the audience’s age rating is appropriate

The next point to note is to look at the recommended age rating. That way, the content contained in anime is easier to understand because it suits the age of the audience.

The average anime isekai has a rating of 13+ because it has a complex storyline and is commonly enjoyed among teenagers. However, watching this anime would be better if accompanied by an adult. It could be that the anime still shows scenes that are not suitable for teenagers to watch.

There are isekai anime that feature adult scenes or scenes featuring bloodshed or gore. This anime is   usually intended for ratings aged 16-18 years and above. Anime with this rating should not be watched with minors or teenagers.

Check the anime format to determine its duration

Anime is usually divided into two categories, namely film and series. The difference in duration between the two categories will be discussed in the points below.

Film, no need to be curious to wait for the continuity of the story

For those of you who are busy and only have free time on weekends, you can watch the movie category. Anime movies are usually only 1-2 hours long and have storylines that tend to be fast. You won’t be curious because it’s too long.

You should watch the movie until it’s over and not be distracted by other activities to focus on the storyline. So, the moral message you want to convey in the film can also be received well.

Serial, for those of you who have more free time

Anime series usually contain several episodes with detailed stories so that the duration is longer than the film. Most of these series categories are based on book or gamestories. One episode of the anime series lasts an average of 24 minutes. Meanwhile, a season usually has dozens to dozens of episodes.

For those of you who have a lot of free time, you can watch anime series that have ended until the final episode. However, if you don’t have a problem with curiosity, a series that is still on going can be an option.

The 10 best isekai anime recommendations

We’ve already explained how to choose anime isekai for you. You can’t wait to watch, right? If so, we’ve also prepared the best isekai anime recommendations. The list of isekai anime recommendations below we compiled based on its popularity. Happy choice!

10SubgenreAction, adventure, fantasy, and magicRating13+Duration1 hours 46 minutesFormatFilm

9SubgenreAdventure, comedy, and slice of lifeRating13+Duration24 minFormatSerial

8SubgenreAdventure, comedy, and fantasyRating16+Duration24 minFormatSerial

7SubgenreComedy, ecchi, harem, fantasy, game, and supernaturalRating13+Duration1 hours 46 minutesFormatFilm

6SubgenreAction, adventure, fantasy, harem, game, romance, and shounenRating18+Duration24 minFormatSerial

5SubgenreComedy, demons, fantasy, shounen, and supernaturalRating13+Duration24 minFormatSerial

4SubgenreAdventure, comedy, fantasy, harem, romance, and supernaturalRating18+Duration24 minutesFormatSerial

3SubgenreAction, adventure, harem, comedy, drama, fantasy, romance, and seinenRating13+Duration24 minutesFormatSerial

2SubgenreDrama, harem, and fantasyRating16+Duration24–29 minFormatSerial

1SubgenreFantasyRating16+Duration24 minFormatSerial

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