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Konnichiwa^^ minna-san. Here I will give my opinion on the best and coolest anime characters. For those of you who are again nyari karakater “ikemen” here is suitable nihhh. Yuk listened to 10 of the best and coolest anime characters. Guaranteed not nyesel.

Let’s look at our 10th rank… KAIZUKA INAHO. The male lead character of the anime Aldnoah Zero. A Japanese student who rarely expresses is always flat and always uses his logic in doing. He and his friends are faced with a big problem as a result of the attacks of extraterrestrials. Use its flagship yellow catalyst against the enemy.

Inaho has a jet black hair color modeled like halved. He has a body that is not very tall. What I like about him is that he dares to fight the enemy, always calculates, and wants to take risks. Fitting he make his katapharkt tu he’s really cool, see him tuu so spirited. Well fitting in season 2 his other eyes replaced by gituu robot eyes are more cool>.<

Our 9th rank falls to us….KEI TAKASHIMA. He’s the first anime character I admire, his fault is handsome. He is the main male character in the anime Special A. Although the anime was made around 2008, the art style is good. In the anime Kei is told as an exemplary student who entered special A class because he always ranked 1st. At that school, he was a popular student thanks to his intelligence and his angri. Well, he has a rival who is his own friend from childhood, Hikari Hanazono. Hikari had always wanted to be rank 1 but had always been rank 2 because he had always been defeated by Kei.

I like this Kei because he’s handsome, pinter, expert in all fields. And most importantly he’s the tsundere broooo types!!! It’s not really good. Even though he was cold he still fought for his love. What’s less than diaa #apaansihadmingaje:v. Lanjuuuttttt!!

Here’s our eighth rank….SHIROU KIRITSUGU. He is the Main Character in the fate stay night anime. He is the victim of the destruction of fuyuki city due to the 4th Holy Grail War. He is the adopted son of Emiya Kiritsugu, a Master of the 4th Holy Grail War. Shirou also learns magic from Kiritsugu, but since little is learned then his magic ability is somewhat doubtful at the beginning of his fight until he can finally project magic that can bring up weapons. In his quest for the Holy Grail War, he teams up with Toshaka Rin who is also his schoolmate to confront other master-servants.

He’s so nice, handsome, cool that’s why I like him. The picture is really good. Moreover, during the war, he was very cool to swear. Red hair equals her orange eyes tu give the impression of cool.>.<

The seventh rank is occupied by… MABUCHI KOU. The main character of the anime Ao Haru Ride has a warm and cheerful personality during junior high and makes Futaba fall in love with him. But after the death of his mother Kou turns into a cold person and it makes Futaba feel sad when he meets him again in high school. Even so it still seems that Kou is still good.

His jet black and dishevelled hair gave a cool impression of it. Brown eyes that tend to be sharp give the impression of cold that often makes others do not understand the way of thinking including Futaba. I really like this Kou guys, his vibe makes him hard to guess and I like it #mulailaginikumat:v

This is the 6th rank. OTOSAKA YUU. She is the main character of the anime Charlotte. Yuu is a transfer student who has the ability to take over the body of others for 5 seconds. He’s selfish and narcissistic, he likes to abuse his power for bad things, like snooping and cheating (don’t imitate you guys). When his sister died his personality turned cold, rough, anyway not karuan. But thanks to Nao his life is slowly improving. At the end of the series, the real power is to steal the power of others. He is known as the One Eyed Grim Reaper (one-eyed angel of death).

Yuu has a brownish black hair color and brown eyes. As he used his strength, the color of his eyes would turn to a pseudo-yellow greenery. What I liked about him was the first handsome and his personality unfortunately the same his sister also sacrificed for the world until losing one eye I think it’s really cool.

Not hard we have entered the top 5 area we are ready guuuyssss>.<

The fifth rank of 5th fell to the…….ZEN WISTERIA. Male character from akagami no Shirayukihime anime. He was the second prince of the Kingdom of Clarines. He loves the freedom he likes to adventure out with his two loyal aides Mitsuhide and Kiki. Zen cares about each other and he considers everyone his friend. When his friend is in trouble he will always help.

Zen has silver-colored hair and blue eyes that make him even more handsome, even he is often mocked beautifully by Shirayuki. He often wears casual clothes with dark blue tops and white bottoms. Whenever he meets Shirayuki, he always misbehaved (ihhhhh funny>.<). Well, Zen was unyielding to fight his love for Shirayuki even though many problems came, it was him who made my heart klepek-klepek.

4th place… AKABANE KARMA. He is a character from the anime Ansatsu Kyousitsu. Karma is well known throughout the school for its violent behavior and troublesome attitudes. When he is in the main building, due to the betrayal of the most trusted homeroom, he begins to resent all those who call themselves ‘teachers’ and as a result have almost zero respect for every adult. He proved skilled in combat, deceit, and manipulation, and took great pleasure in harming others. He excelled at using weaponry and foul play and was one of the few students to the extent that he had managed to injure Koro sensei.

Karma has bright red hair color and faded red eyes. He is sometimes seen with an innocent face or with his devil’s smile. Among all the 3-E students he himself did not wear a uniform but wore white ham and a black suit. Although not the main character ak prefers the same Karma because he is certainly handsome and cool when holding weapons.

Nii ranked in the top 3 kitaa….. TOGASHI YUUTA. The main male protagonist in chunnibyou demo series Koi Ga Shitai. Yuuta is a high school student who deliberately chooses a high school far from his junior high school, to hide the fact that he used to be a “chunnibyou”. Chunnibyou is like a teenage syndrome in Japan that is a fan of anime characters but is excessive. Yuuta is a very kind person and is responsible for his duties. But if his chunnibyou used to be mentioned he could be aggressive and misbehave a lot because he was very embarrassed.

Yuuta has brown hair and has dark green eyes. What I like about Yuuta tu is not possessive of Rikka and he’s a very good person, let alone his face that I think is cute. I really like that he’s dating Rikka, that healthy type of courtship. The story is the same Rikka tu make baper guys.

Wooow not hard nyampe to rank 2….. OREKI HOUTAROU. The male lead character in the anime Hyouka. He is a Kamiyama High School student from grades 1-B. He has a calm disposition plus his face rarely shows expression and does something only that can save his energy. Not that he was lazy, he was a smart and skilled person. Oreki can solve various mysteries with his brilliant brain and answer the curiosity of his clubmate Chitanda Eru. As time went on, it was evident he solved the problem using his energy more than usual.

Oreki has black hair that often looks messy with a sponge that reaches below his eyes and dark green eyes. He has a fairly tall body of about 176 cm and a weight of 62 kg. Fukube once said that if oreki wasn’t lazy, he would be popular with his appearance.

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