4 Lessons From Burger King’s Awesome TikTok Campaign

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What works for one platform will not necessarily work for another. Most social media such as Facebook or Instagram focus on people sharing their personal lives. But TikTok offers something different. And, in order to make a successful marketing campaign in the platform, companies need to understand how it works. TikTok is not about the user. It’s about entertaining the audience.

This means that any marketing campaign on TikTok should ideally focus on entertainment. You can do that through challenges such as choreographies or voice-overs, for instance. TikTok offers templates for memes that are quick to watch and funny. The marketing campaign should follow similar steps.

Sponsors’ ads in the style we see in Instagram will probably not work well on this platform. TikTokers don’t want to see influencers showing their routine and going to restaurants. They want to be entertained.

Marketing in most social media is usually very passive. Users scroll down the feed and every now and then they see a sponsored post. They are watching their favorite blogger and she mentions a brand she “really loves.”

However, one of the great things about the Whooper Dance Challenge is that it is engaging. It makes the customer take action and become an active part of the campaign. And hopefully, they’ll have fun in the process.

This format works particularly well on TikTok. Unlike others video platforms such as YouTube, they influence the casual user to create videos. This means that, on TikTok, you don’t need hours of planning and editing to become an active content producer. TikTok helps the everyday user through intuitive templates and with the short videos format.

Some advantages of engaging marketing are: increased customer loyalty, increased word of mouth, and increased purchases.

For the Whooper Dance Challenge, Burger King made partnerships with three TikTok influencers: Loren Gray (44.6 million followers), Nathan Davis Jr (8.5 million followers), and Avani (21.3 million followers).

They are all teens who use choreographies and songs in their videos. The influencers made videos in which they make the choreography themselves and explain the rules of the challenge. It’s fast, engaging, and fun to watch.

The result was millions of views of the tutorial videos for the Whooper Dance Challenge.

There are multiple benefits of having clear goals for your campaign. Some examples of goals are: to generate more brand awareness, to increase customer loyalty, to reinforce the brand’s positioning, or to bring more customers to the store. The major benefit of having a clear goal for your campaign is that it’s easier to measure its success.

There are two main goals for the Whooper Dance Challenge.

The first is to bring the customer to the store. Even though the Whooper will be sold at a ridiculous price, customers in-store tend to buy other products as well, such as ice creams or fries. Even better, they might bring a friend who hasn’t done the challenge and will pay the full price. The main idea here is: the more customers in the store, the more revenues.

The second goal is to raise brand awareness. Burger King is one of the first brands to make an engaging campaign on TikTok. The platform is new and brands are still trying to figure out what works best there. Burger King is taking advantage of the new platform and innovating in its marketing.

The Whooper Dance Challenge on TikTok has millions of views. Even though it’s hard to estimate the return of investments of this campaign, it’s safe to say that it raises brand awareness and number of customers in stores at a relatively low investment.

There are four main lessons we can learn from this. The first is to understand the platform in which you are communicating. Each social media has its algorithm and its user profile. It’s your job to find out how they work and to adjust the campaign accordingly.

Secondly, develop campaigns that are engaging. Young customers are sick of passively receiving invasive ads when they’re just scrolling down their feed. When you invite them to participate of the campaign, they are more likely to become loyal customers.

Finding the right people to spread the message means to find an influencer who has the same values of the brand, and who addresses the audience that you want to reach. Finally, every good campaign has a clear goal. This way you can develop a plan and measure its success more accurately.

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