20 Handsome Anime Male Characters

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Due to the UAS and a lot of leisure time I nulis-nulis geje here hihi.

Okay.. Now I want to give you a list of the most handsome male anime characters!! *burn firecrackers*

Keep in mind yes, this is a list of anime that I have watched so if there is nanya why si A does not enter why the B, C and others do not enter even though it is also. The answer may be because I haven’t watched the anime yet whahahaokay right away.

20 Handsome Anime Male Characters

1. Akashi Seijūrō (Kuroko no Basket)

Akashi is known to heterochromiairidiumeyes, or eyeball colors that differ from each other. And also his red hair. But, in addition to having different eye colors, Akashi also has 2 personalities. One is famously calm with a good leader figure, named Oreshi. While the other is famous sadistic with a leader figure who is adiktator, called Bokushi.

His second personality, Bokushi, was acquired in junior high, when he was desperate and almost defeated by Murasakibara. Because in the doctrine by his father if “winning is everything,” automatically Akashi’s selfish and sadistic personality wakes up. In addition to changing the color and color of his eyes, the appearance of Bokushi also makes Akashi have another ability, namely Emperor Eye.

Whether it’s Oreshi or Bokushi, any personality matches Akashi.Oreshi’s sweet and calm, making Akashi’s handsome face look more beautiful. While the haughty Bokushi makes Akashi’s handsome face look beautiful and intimidating.

Akashiini is my husband in kuroko no basuke. And I personally prefer Pornushi, but that doesn’t mean I’m a maso!!

This is a Bokushi complete with his different eyes.

2. Gin (Harutobi No Mori E) & Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

Gindan Kaneki is both white-haired, and both have handsome faces. But unfortunately, their handsome faces sometimes have to be covered with masks and masks.

Gin is a spirit that lives in the spirit forest. But actually, Gin is not a spirit. But he’s not human anymore. Gin can still live until now because of the seal that the forest god created to keep him alive. But, if he comes into contact with a human, then the seal will be damaged and make Gin disappear.

With silver hair, white skin, sharp jaws, beautiful little eyes, Gin became one of the many handsome male anime characters.

WhileKaneki who was black hair, with chubby cheeks, when it turned into white hair and chubby cheeks disappeared replaced with a sharp hair. His nature also turned into badass and cool. Regarding the appearance, kaneki ghoul version is no doubt.

3. Miyuki Kazuya (Diamond No Ace)

Miyuki is the core player catcher of Seidou High School. After the 3rd grade retired, Miyuki became the no. 4 captain and hitter in place of Yuuki-senpai. He is known as catcher genius and also ikemen catcher. This proves if he does have a handsome face behind his nosy nature and once makes other characters upset.

Miyuki had a very sweet smile. When on the ground or in the dormitory, Miyukiselalu looks cool and handsome. His nature is always nosy especially to the 1st class child, always successful in making Eijun and others upset. He also never had a time with Kuramochi and Maezono. Every time she starts chatting, Miyuki always trolls them and makes them angry. Even so, it does not reduce Miyuki’s good looks at all, instead making us even more interested in her charms.

4. Hijikata Toshiro (Gintama)

He is known as the deputy demon Shinsengumi. Yep he is Toshi, the mayo enthusiast and heavy smoker. Because voiced by Kazuya Nakai (seiyuu Zoro) makes Hijikata look more sexy and attractive. In my opinion, he’s the best character in Gintama.

Although strict and must obey the rules, as if following the beliefs of people who think that the character of The First Man is not sane, this Hijikata is sometimes absurd and absurd, which can sometimes reduce his good looks. For example, when the Shinsengumi Crisis Arc was cursed and possessed by a cowardly otaku, who dressed in a typical rocker dress that made him look cupu. Since he is a mayo enthusiast, any food/drink he always mixes with mayo. Not to mention if he met Okita and Gintoki, his strange nature and all sorts of ugly expressions came out that somehow had dropped his handsome face.

But, behind it all, in addition to having a handsome face, Hijikata also has a romantic and gentle side. For example, when he claimed that he loved his sister Okita very much. And crying when the woman he loved died. Although she was evasive and said that the snacks she ate were too spicy and made her cry.

Before becoming a servant in the Holy Grail war, Lancer was a knight named Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, who was fiercely loyal to his master.

In addition to being the most handsome servant, it turns out that from the past Lancer is famous for his facial appearance. Until she is given the call Diarmuid Love Spot, because every woman who sees her will fall in love with her.

With soft eyes, an athletic body, and also mole under his right eye makes You look very handsome. And that’s also what made him die. Because he is too good, Lancer must be punished and considered a traitor because the fiancée of the master fell in love with him. Lancer did nothing to his master’s wishes. The fate of the cakep mah gitu, patience aja Cer..

6. Mabuchi Kou (Ao Haru Ride)

Kou really caught my attention when I first read the manga. Which used to have a calm and gentle nature, in high school, Kou was indifferent and windy. But one that never changes is his good looks.

Kou has long eyelashes, beautiful clear eyes, and also his killer smile! It’s fitting that Futaba can’t move on and still loves Kou even though Kou’s nature changes drastically. Yes if I were Futaba too, it would definitely not be easy to stop loving Kou and turn away from him because of his good face.

Although in the anime also Kou already looks handsome, believe me, in the manga Kou looks more handsome! I’ve always preferred the manga.

7. Kazehaya Shouta (Kimi Ni Todoke)

Handsome, kind, considerate and supple, makes Kazehaya easily attract anyone to approach him. That’s why, wherever she is, whether men or women are always around her. No wonder it all made him an idol in school.

But, behind his almost all-true nature, Kazehaya is actually boyish, easily jealous and easily embarrassed. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen blush when I’m close to Kuronuma. And his nature even makes him more liked by people. Because that’s the sweet side of Kazehaya.

8. Jellal Fernandes (Fairy Tail)

One of the antagonists who has a handsome face. And it’s very difficult to find this one antagonist. But take it easy because now Jellal is not antagonis anymore. At the time, Jellal was being controlled by others, so he was evil because of his own desires.

I thinkJellal is the most handsome character in fairy tail anime. With blue hair and marks on his right eye it always succeeds in making him look cool. Not yet with his attitude and attention to Erza, who sometimes makes me shake myself because he wants to see them together.

For those who want to see the other side of Jellal, you can watch the OVA from THEFT. Because several times Jellal was seen sning while near Erza which made him look very sweet.

Although he is misunderstood as an antagonist for having killed all of his clans, except his younger brother, Sasuke. But Itachi has always had many fans because of his cool nature, handsome face and various ninja techniques.

And after it was revealed that Itachi was actually the 3rd hoax spy in diakatsuki, everyone who had hated him immediately turned around and liked him. In addition to having a handsome face, his love for the village and for his sister, made Itachi very liked by Naruto fans. And MasashiKishimoto, the creator of Naruto, to make a prereq novel itachi story. So much so, the novel itself is said to be made anime.

10. Usui Takumi (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!), Takhisima Kei (Special A!) & Tamaki Suoh (Ouran Highschool Host Club)

Who doesn’t recognize this handsome trio? Shoujo lovers may be familiar with these 3 characters.

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