√ How to Change TikTok Name and Username (ID)

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How to Change Tiktok Name and Username – For those of you who use TikTok to earn money, or just want to find an entertaining spectacle. Surely you already know that, the name and username id on TikTok is your important identity.

Especially for those of you who want to be interested in becoming content creators on TikTok, certainly a unique username, become one of the branding that sells you in order to be famous on TikTok.

For that, for those of you who want to know how to change the name and username on TikTok. More can be found in the following ways. How to Change The Name and Username of The Latest Tiktok ID

Just like other sosmed applications like ig, you can also change your name and username id tiktok, if you are tired of your old name and username.

Here’s how to change the name and username on tiktok via android / iOS:

  • Run the latest version of tiktok.
  • Next on the home page, select your TikTok account Profile menu.
  • Next on the TikTok Profile page, you select the Edit profile menu.

Edit profile Tiktok

  • Then on the rename you want to specify, if you have selected the Save button in the top right corner.

rename tiktok

  • In addition, to change the username or username of tiktok id, on the Edit profile page you select Username.

change tiktok username

  • After that, you can make a unique and aesthetic Tiktok id username.
  • If you have selected the Save button.

You need to know also, you can replace tiktok username with a combination of letters, numbers and underlines. As well as changing the Tiktok ID username, it means also replacing tiktok profie links, when accessed through the browser.

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That’s the article on how to change the name and username id tiktok. I hope it helps you guys.

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