What does Pargoy mean in Tiktok? Here’s Really

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Pargoy meaning in tiktok — Tiktok is a social media platform that provides a choice of videos with a short duration.

Not infrequently also in this video application many trends that go viral.

Starting from viral jogetan, sound or other filters. But not only that, in this application you can find other unique things.

One of them is the viral trend pargoy.arti pargoy in tiktok

Especially if you are a user of this app. This pargoy trend certainly often appears in your tiktok FYP.

But what exactly is pargoy? Where did this trend come from? Surely you’ll be wondering. In this article we will discuss a little about what is pargoy. What Is Pargoy in Tiktok

Pargoy which is a viral trend on tiktok recently. For some people who are new to pargoy must consider this language included in the slang of today’s young people.

And the term is becoming more and more widely known.

The term pargoy is actually an old term that is already known by some young people or among people living in Sumatra.

The term arises from the slang of young Sumatrans. The term came about because of the youth communities.

Pargoy itself is an acronym for the Goyang Party. A group or community created by some young people who want to show their skills in swaying. U

Talent from this community is usually done if you hear remixed music.

Pargoy in Sumatra is quite famous. Young people in Sumatra who claim to be members of pargoy, can be found at single organ events.

It’s not just a single organ. Usually for minang people who are holding a ceremony will invite these pargoy children.

This is the purpose of this pargoy to enliven an ongoing event. For those who are invited to the event, usually they will come at night.

The essence of pargoy is the party shake. Where there’s a group of communities to rock. Pargoy itself has 2 models that still exist.

Two of them are broken pargoy and fighter pargoy. These 2 pargoy models are still often used even today. (Also read: How to Shop at TikTok Shop)

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