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How to See Tiktok Analysis – Playing TikTok does not guarantee we can see the number of visitors who have seen our videos. At best we can only see the number of likes and comments. Because many people ask how to analyze the number of visitors on his account, then on this occasion we will share his ways.

Knowing the number of visitors is important because from there we can analyze how strategies to increase the engagement of an account. Looking at this analysis is also important to prepare how the content should be created. If the amount of engagement is good, it means that the content can be our branding in the future.

Many other benefits of seeing visitors include to prepare data for monetization of our accounts later if the number of followers and visitors is already large. However, followers are the ones who will be our business partners in tik tok. Without them, we can’t get traffic.

For those who sell, of course, they should also often see their analysis because it concerns how they plan their marketing strategy. The success of a marketing is largely determined by how much interaction and engagement in a post. Without lingering we will share about how to see our account insights in an easy and easy way to do. Tiktok algorithm

Before we step on how to watch the number of viewers on tiktok then, we will discuss the algorithm of this application first. This application conducts assessments based on two criteria, namely trending and interaction. The more content you follow the type of content that is trending, the easier tiktok will make an assessment.

Whether a video goes into FYP or not is the type of content that should be trending today. Therefore, every content creator will create his post in accordance with something viral at this time, such as what has been viral is the sikut challenge. But also do not forget the application assessment criteria on this one.

Another assessment of a post is related to the number of interactions when we upload content. If your content likes a lot of dank omen, of course tik tok sees this as a plus and will increase the chances of your video entering into FYP. This criterion you must meet before stepping on to the next criterion, namely the number of followers.

Actually the number of followers does not really affect the tiktok algorithm. Because this application prioritizes interaction and trending. But the number of followers will determine whether your video is watched or not. Every number of followers will certainly increase viewers and even likes to your video. Anyway, all of that we must prioritize, namely trending, interaction, and also the number of followers.

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For those of you who do not want to bother using tools, it turns out that seeing tiktok analysis can be enough from the application alone. But there is a condition that you previously had to fulfill, namely your account has become a pro first. How to change a regular tiktok account to a pro is enough from the setting only. By making your account pro, it makes it easier for you to become a creator in tik tok.

Once your account becomes pro, then you can see that analysis from the tiktok dashboard. The way is as follows;Turn on WIFI / Package / modem or whatever it is that can make your phone into cyberspace.Open the tiktok application, but once the video appears immediately skip because we will not scroll-scroll alone but will see the number of visitors.Go to the User Profile on the right, ClickClick the three-point at the top right, more precisely the corner.You’re already in the Settings and Privacy Menu.Click Creator in the fourth row of the menu.After that click Analysis whose icons resemble graphs. It’s at the very top.Well, after entering there we will be treated to how traffic in every post made.We can set to see the performance of the last 7, 28, or 60 days of posts.To make it easier for us to choose the last seven days only. Because it’s simpler and not so much data.

There we can see the number of video impressions, followers, and the number of profile views. All the data is in graph form so that we can see developments from one day to the next.

We can also see the performance of our account per content. So from one post how many likes, shares, and others. In addition, we can also watch the number of our followers in the analysis section. If we want how to see a more complete tiktok analysis can also be through the help of applications or tools. This method is suitable for those whose account engagement is already high so it needs additional applications. Tiktok Insight when We See with the Help of Tools

You can also watch account performance through an application or tools. This way requires us to get out of the tik tok application. But not long ago because we will only see the amount of traffic. If you do not know how, then we will get acquainted with the following tools. All you need to get there is an email account. How to Watch Tiktok Viewers from Exolyt

For those who don’t know what exolyt is, we’ll introduce you right now. This is a tool that makes it easy for us to watch the number of likes, comments, shares, and others from our tik tok account. The trick is quite easy, you have to prepare email and data package or wifi first. Here we’ll share how;Open the browser from a PC / Laptop that has been connected to the internet.Go to the URL www.exolyt. (com) (without brackets in .com)Login first, if there is no account then click register.If you’re in the dashboard, you can start using it.Enter the account username that will be viewed performance.Look at the full results.

Exolyt we can use to see among them is the level of engagement or interaction in the form of percent, follower like ratio (ratio of followers who like), likes, comments, and shares. If we compare with the built-in analysis of tik tok of course this tool is more complete because there is a ratio of likes from followers and others. But you can use the analysis on tiktok without complicated to open the following tools, because this is sunnah and not mandatory.

As per our promise above has been shared about how to view tiktok video analysis using two ways. For those of you who do not know one of the ways to hunt immediately apply. Because it is important to see this analysis every week so that your tiktok account can be more powerful. Moreover, the account for sales must be more passionate about its optimization. If your engagement is still low do not be insecure because all we can fix by adding content istiqomah. Some tips from us at the Sales Lecturer Campus. Good luck. See you. Visitors are also looking for:how to see likes on tiktok

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