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It seems like you should start getting used to hearing and seeing tiktok video trends that increasingly dominate all types of social media. What’s unique about TikTok fever is not just trending in the app.

But many users download TikTok videos and re-upload them on some other social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Youtube. Whether it’s for stories, statuses, or compilation videos and this adds to tiktok users more and more days.

Not without reason, the trending tiktok video can also attract the attention of many people. So that creators will be easier to get engagement and other benefits that are more widely known. Want to rename your TikTok account?

Perhaps some of the reasons people use the TikTok application first is, the developer has provided many features that may not exist on other media platforms. Here you can also enter music, effects, filters and text games.

In addition, the reason for both is, TikTok can be operated very easily. Even if ordinary people will not have difficulty trying this application, because the appearance is considered quite simple and easy to understand.

But the name of the person is also different, there are some who are still not so mastered technically from the TikTok application and confusion how to apply it including how to edit your own profile.

So in this TikTok application you are told to create an account and you are free to fill in your name and profile photo. However, sometimes we want to change the profile information and one of them is to change the name and username. How do I change my TikTok account name? Easy Ways to Rename a TikTok Account

Before that on TikTok there are two types of names namely username and name, for those of you who want to change the name of the TikTok account, please refer to the explanation below:

  • First of all, please open the TikTok app.
    For iOS:
  • Go to the “I” menu at the bottom right: Tap my menu in the bottom right corner
  • Next press the “Edit Profile” button. Tap the Edit Profile menu
  • There are two parts of the first name is the replacement column “Name” and the second “Username”. Please change your name (for profile name) and username (for username)
  • Please select one of the columns and rename it as you wish.
  • If a new name has been entered, press “Save” at the top right. Tap save to save TikTok name and username changes
  • A small information box will appear to confirm the name change once again on your TikTok account, then “Assign Username”.
  • Done, the tiktok account name is already replaced.

TikTok Account Renaming Rules

Keep in mind, the system in the TikTok application restricts users in changing usernames, so after you change the new name then for the next 30 days you can not change the new name again until the time is up.

How easy is it, isn’t it? Maybe that’s what we can discuss about the account renaming tutorial in the TikTok app. If you are still confused about the tutorial above, you can write in the comments field and try well.

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