Eternal Life, These 5 Characters Can Barely Die In a One Piece Series

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A little discussing the One Piece series, in this article we will lead to a character where the character can hardly die or be called immortal. The character cannot die because they eat devil fruit, the effect of eating devil fruit is very different, here are 5 devil fruit eaters who can not die or immortal.

Some of these characters live for a hundred years and some are always evolving so as not to die. These 5 characters have the most sought after devil fruit in the whole world, then who are those characters? Let’s see below.5 This Character Can Hardly Die Or Eternal Life1. Brook

This one character you might like, yep this is Brook. He is one of the straw hat pirate crew who are adept at playing this music is the devil fruit eater Yomi Yomi no Mi.

So that he could live again after dying, even though his body was just bones. If he was thrown into the sea it was likely that his spirit would come out of the body and look for another body, he would still be alive.

The effect of this power is very sought by the world government because it can live eternally, if brook is the type of fight compared to musicians, he could have an exorbitant fugitive. Trafalgar D. Water Law

Law is a pirate and doctor who eats the fruit of Ope Ope No Mi. With that ability, he could take someone’s heart and put it in someone else’s body, just like he once did when swapping Nami and Sanji’s heart.

If he could do so, then it would not be impossible for him to move his own heart to a younger human body, so that he would live eternally by switching bodies.

And also the devil fruit has the side effect that can give immortality to someone who wants to, this is named “OPERATION YOUNG AND ETERNAL”, therefore the corazon seeks the devil fruit desperately, until the apocalypse even though he may not be able to die3. Marco

Marco the Phoenix was the commander of the 1st division of the Whitebeard Pirates. He ate a Zoan Mythical-type demon fruit that was rarer than the Logia type, and made him able to transform into a blue fire Phoenix.

Thanks to this power, he could heal any wound by using his special blue flame. I think the only way to kill him is to use the power of the Sea Stone to eliminate his strength.

The Phoenix is known to be able to recover itself from injuries, as Marco showed during the Marine War. If it was true that his strength became like a Phoenix, then he should never have died. For when he is old he will burn himself and be reborn as a baby from his ashes. Kaido

Kaido is a Yonko in the New World who bears the title of “The Strongest Creature in the World”. The biggest sign of Kaido’s strength is his inability to die due to his extraordinary toughness and endurance.

He had been captured and tortured 18 times, and people as powerful as the Marines and other Yonko had also attempted to execute him 40 times, but all failed to kill him.

In addition, Kaido’s favorite hobby is suicide. Although we still don’t know what his exact strength is, Kaido seems unlikely to be killed. Baron Tamago

Baron Tamago is one of the crew of the Big Mom Pirates with the rank of “Horse”, originally from the Long Foot Tribe. Tamago ate Tama Tama no Mi, a Paramecia Devil Fruit that transformed its body composition into an egg.

When her body breaks down, tamago hatches developing into a stronger form that gradually loses its human appearance and gives it the appearance of a chicken every time she does. This cycle, which could be repeated endlessly, could prevent the Tamago from dying in battle.

This immortal character will likely always live in a one piece world from generation to generation, that’s why the world government is looking for the devil fruit, then which character do you think? if there are still characters that cannot die but are not yet listed in this article. You can tell it in the comments section.

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