7 Anime Characters Who Can’t Die, Beheaded Can Still Talk!

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Who watches anime movies?

If you try to pay attention, in the anime series that you have seen, especially the best action anime movies, there must be strong characters who are very difficult to kill.

In fact, some of these characters were indeed created for eternal life aka can not die, want it killed in any way!

Usually, anime characters can become immortal alias can not die due to several things.

From being cursed to making some kind of pact that leaves them with the power to escape death, gangs.

Curious, who are they? Here’s Jaka’s search that certainly makes you can’t wait to read it! Anime characters who can’t die1. Alucard (Hellsing)

For fans of vampire genre films, especially the Hellsing series must be familiar with this one character. Alucard is a vampire who has unusual powers.

He is said to be able to regenerate his body cells very quickly, so that various types of wounds can be auto healed, gang. Not only that, he also had millions of souls and a lot of blood.

That’s what makes him unable to die even if his opponent tries to hurt or kill him in any way. That’s cool, gang! 2. Firo Prochainezo (Baccano)

Firo Prochainezo is one of the favorite protagonists in the Baccano anime. The anime that did not have time to finish the storyline tells about Firo’s struggle in quelling crime in Europe.

Well, Firo, who is a member of the Martillo mafia family actually accidentally becomes an immortal. Everything changed when he took the medicine of immortality which he thought was a bottle of wine.

As a result, Firo became a strong and extremely formidable figure. Not only makes it immortal, it is said that the drug is able to make it able to heal itself and can survive without eating, drinking, even breathing! Kaido (One Piece)

In the world of One Piece, Kaido is dubbed as the strongest creature that ever lived. This nickname is certainly not without reason. So far, many characters in One Piece have attempted to kill Kaido.

Honey, it all doesn’t work. Starting from hanging with a chain, the chain is broken. Pierced by a spear, his spear was even destroyed. In fact, the steel warship that brought it to drown because it wasn’t strong enough to carry it!

Not only that. When Kaido jumped off the Sky Island which had a height of 10,000 meters, he was still able to survive without even the slightest injury. Really Kaido’s a true strong man huh, gang. Zeref (Fairy Tail)

Although fairy tail anime film is labeled as the worst anime by many people, but Zeref is one of the characters that remains popular and continues to be remembered by its fans.

When it comes to Zeref, in addition to his powerful and legendary magic ability, his ability to live eternally is also worth discussing.

That said, 400 years ago, because of his behavior, Zeref was cursed by two gods at once, namely the god of death and life. The curse even made him unable to die and age. Very unique, huh?5. Ban (Seven Deadly Sins)

Have you ever read a comic series or watched the Seven Deadly Sins anime? Known as Nanatsu No Taizai in Japan, the anime was popular around the 2010s.

Well, one of the characters that is widely discussed is Ban, a member of the magic knight numbering 7 people who is referred to as a symbol of the sin of greed.

Not only famous for his good looks or athletic body, he also has immortal abilities aka can not die.

This was evident as he dismembered his body and was stabbed in various scenes. Instead of dying, his body would connect into one and his wounds magically disappeared. He recovered and lived as before. Zombieman (One Punch Man)

These anime characters are often considered weak and underrated, not only anime fans, but also their own fellow characters. This was because he didn’t have the protruding attacking power like the others.

But behind that, this S-class 8th rank hero has zombie-like powers, as the name suggests, aka can’t die.

He was able to regenerate his body very quickly, so that the wounds he experienced could heal immediately. Behind it all, it turns out that Zombieman is the object of the Evolutionary House experiment of Dr. Genus. Hidan (Naruto)

For you, the fans of loyal Naruto fans must know very well this one character, right?

Hidan is a member of the Akatsuki organization. Not only known for his strength He is a fantastic masterpiece, Hidan is also known as a character who can not die alias eternal.

Although his head was cut off during the fight with Asuma, Hidan was still alive. He was even able to speak after his neck was cut, before finally connecting again with his body thanks to Kakuzu’s yarn ability.

That said, his immortal abilities arise because Hidan routinely performs rituals to worship Jashin. However, that doesn’t mean Hidan really can’t die, anyway.

He could still die if he stopped performing the ritual. Plus, if he really doesn’t eat or is exposed to severe malnutrition. End of Words

That’s 7 anime characters who can not die want to be killed by any model by their opponents, gangs. Unique, huh?

Come on, don’t forget to write down your opinions or expectations in the comments section below. See you in the next article!

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