5 Things That Can Give You Immortality in Anime

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Nothing is impossible in anime. Most anime characters have powers that seem unreasonable to exist in the real world, such as one of eternity. Until now, anime already has a myriad of characters that can not die or immortal.

Each immortal character has a different way of gaining immortality. Well, this time the author has summarized five things that can give immortality in anime. Check out the following review.1. Jashin (Naruto)

Besides being known as an Akatsuki member who has killed Asuma, Hidan is also known as a character who cannot be killed aka immortal. Although he was defeated and buried alive by Shikamaru, some fans believe hidan is still alive.

Although still mysterious, it is known that Hidan gained immortality from the religion he embraced, namely Jashin. Until now, it is not known how his religion can give him immortality, because Jashin is still one of the biggest mysteries in the Naruto series. Fountains of youth (The Seven Deadly Sins)

funimation.com/The Seven Deadly SIns

Although Ban was a human, he was immortal, just like Meliodas who came from the demon race. While Meliodas gains immortality from his father’s curse, Ban gains immortality from the fountains of youth guarded by the fairy clan.

When the devil attacks the fairy clan’s house, Elaine who is the guardian of the fountain of youth gives the water to Ban, in hopes that Ban can defeat the demon and protect the fairy clan. Since then, Ban has been unable to die despite having been killed many times. Philosopher’s Stone (Fullmetal Alchemist)

funimation.com/Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The philosopher’s stone in the fullmetal alchemist world was indeed a very versatile stone. In addition to granting immortality, this stone also imparted incredible powers to its users, such as increasing its user’s alchemy power, and the ability to regenerate.

Even so, the lucky stone was obtained in a very terrible way. One had to perform massive Human Transmutation, where this ritual required many fatal lives just to obtain one philosopher’s stone.

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Just like in the novel, the vampires in hellsing anime are also very powerful and immortal. The strongest example of a vampire in this anime is Alucard. Alucard turned into a vampire after he experienced bad things while he was still a slave.

After becoming a vampire, Alucard possesses immense powers. Besides being strong, he also had a speed equivalent to lightning speed. In addition, Alucard also does not age and cannot be killed by any weapon. Code (Code Geass)

Dock. Sunrise Studio/Code Geass

C.C. is still one of the mysterious characters. In addition to his real name which until now is still a mystery, the background of this green-haired character is also still not known clearly. The only thing known about C.C. is the fact that he is immortal.

It is known that C.C. gain immortality after killing the user code. Once C.C. reaches the perfect geass level, C.C. has the ability to kill user code. Because the user code has the curse of immortality, then C.C. continues the curse of immortality from the user of the code.

Those are the five things that can give you immortality in anime. Aside from the five ways above, what other ways can anime characters use to gain immortality?

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