3 A Degree of Confidence in God

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Belief is the right that an individual has in believing in something, be it his belief in things, man, or in the Creator. Faith in the Creator (Allah) must be the basis of a person’s faith in his role as a servant of Allah SWT. As for the level of confidence that one must have among them: Ilmul-Yaqiin

The prerequisite for this level of certainty is ‘science’. The Arabic term for ‘science’ is ‘ilm’ and arabic for ‘certainty’ is ‘yaqiin’. Thus the Arabic term used by the Qur’an for certainty based on knowledge is ‘ilmul-yaqiin.

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“Sometimes not! If you know the truth with knowledge, be sure.” (QS. At-Takatsur: 5)

At the scientific-yaqiin level, believers and seekers of God believe in God (Allah SWT) not because they feel His form directly, but based on the deduction of facts that lie within the limits of his knowledge. Basically he believed in the unseen thing which in his term is ‘imaan bil Ghaib, which means ‘to believe in the unseen’. People at this level are analogous to fire and smoke. He had not seen the fire itself, but after seeing the smoke, he concluded that the fire must exist. Ainul-Yaqiin

The Arabic term for ‘seeing’ is ‘ain, hence arabic for ‘certainty based on testimony’ is ‘ainul-yaqiin.

” … Then you will see it with confident eyes.” (QS. At-Takatsur: 8)

This verse draws our attention to the fact that at the level of ainul-yaqiin, a believer believes in Allah SWT in what is figuratively called ‘direct perception'” For man, whose physical senses only respond to material stimulus, witnessing His appearance is clearly not in the sense of physical encounter with the form of Allah SWT.

Witnessing the appearance of Allah SWT can only mean being a witness to the manifestation of His Divinity that is clearly visible. The massiveization includes the miraculous acceptance of his prayers and the ‘divine union’. The prayers of the faithful began to find abundant forgiving. When he prayed for something, he found the overflow of divine gifts leading to his prayer.

Therefore at this level of certainty, believers no longer rely on logical conclusions regarding the existence of Allah SWT. At this level, it was as if he had seen Allah swt himself with his own eyes. Although the state of ‘faith’ continues to prevail, the believer becomes closer to the unseen world than when he is at the scientific-yakiin level.

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The Arabic for “absolute truth” is Haqq. Whereas that The Arab for certainty as we have discussed is Yaqiin. Therefore the term Haqqul Yaqiin denotes a perfect degree of certainty about God.

“Surely (it is) a true belief.”

At this stage the believer believes in Allah SWT because he has felt the qualities of Allah SWT more fully, as if all the means of perception available to him have come to a direct relationship with the Beauty and Glory of Allah SWT. At this stage the believer has been blessed with a greater abundance of divine revelation. At this stage, the prayer of the seeker of God is so swiftly accepted and answered, that each prayer becomes a miracle in itself. Allah’s prophet and the saints are in this great certainty. This is the highest level of faith and certainty.

By knowing the level of faith as mentioned above, may it increase our faith and piety to Allah SWT. Aamiin. []

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