2 Anti-vaccine Groups in Indonesia, Who Are They?

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22 December 2020 08:19 Updated: 28 April 2021 11:06 866 10 Please Wait…

As mentioned earlier in the article titled “Free Vaccines and Dangerous ‘Pseudo-Safe”, Covid-19 vaccination in Indonesia does not want to go easy. A series of challenges will be faced. Starting from distribution, the quantity of citizens who must be vaccinated, vaccine equipment takes time, until the quality of the vaccine that wants to really determine whether or not sexy immunity is realized effectively.

In addition, Covid-19 vaccination is also faced with insights and people’s beliefs about vaccines. A number of things can invite the respect of ration citizens to imitate vaccinations. One of them is the grip of the opponent-vaccine department.

It is not too difficult to identify the opposite-vaccine unit in Indonesia. Because the tendency can be traced from their view around the Covid-19 outbreak. For example, those who consider the Covid-19 outbreak is the application of conspiracy aliases only want to be the main donor of the anti-vaccine division. Supporters of antonym-mask action also have a place approaching the counter-vaccine section.

The closer the vaccination tempo, the existence of the antonym-vaccine group will be increasingly observed. Both on social means, in community groups, even in the realm of my association.

Aware of the challenges of vaccination that is not shallow, the authority appointed 5 speech masters who were specifically tasked with observing by socializing the Covid-19 vaccination. The hope is that vaccination activities are supported by all Indonesians.

Then who is the vaccine-opponent group that wants to evaluate the dynamics of Covid-19 vaccination in Indonesia?

There are two important units. The first is the part that considers them as naturalist. They already have started duration and exist in intimate all authorities such as the department of counter-vaccines in general.

Not only opposed to the Covid-19 vaccine, this unit although avoid other vaccines. Their rejection of the vaccine case is based on belief that all complications suffered by the human body is a natural process then crucially restored or want to go home naturally.

Fact-evidence interventions that are not considered majors in, natural processes, recorded vaccines, are not desired. Intervention of awkward substances such as vaccines is believed to be contrary along with natural mail.

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In this division there are actually sub-majors. One of them is the embrace of pseudo-science. Their argument often mentions that in containing vaccines there are substances that must be emergency. The terms were coined describing these particles along with their terrible effects. They also built similar bibliographic reading lists of people to support his movement.

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