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Aqidah, Belief and Belief in Islam

Faith in Islamic terms means faith. All belief systems or beliefs can be considered as one creed. The foundation of the Islamic creed is based on the Hadith of Jibril, which contains the definition of Islam, the pillars of Islam, the pillars of Faith, ihsan and the events of the last day.

In Arabic the creed comes from the kataal-‘aqdu which means bond, at-tautsiiqu which means firm belief or belief, al-ihkaamu which means to strengthen (establish), and ar-rabthu biquw-wah which means to bind firmly.

Whereas according to the term (terminology), the creed is a firm and sure faith, which is not the slightest doubt for those who believe it.

Thus, the Islamic Creed is a firm and sure faith in Allah with all the implementation of obligations, worship and obedience to Him, believing in His angels, His messengers, His books, the End, good and bad destiny and believing all that has been professed about the principles of Religion (Ushuluddin), unseen things, believing in what is the ijma'(consensus) of salafush shalih, and all the news of qath’i (sure), both scientifically and amaliyah as stipulated according to the Qur’an and As-Sunnah shahih and ijma’ salaf as-shalih.

Although the issue of qadha’ and qadar became a place of strife among Muslims, But Allah has opened the hearts of His faithful servants, namely the Salaf Shalih who they always take the path of truth in understanding and opinion. According to them qadha’ and qadar are among Allah’s rububiyah over His creatures. So this problem is included in one of the three types of tawhid according to the division of scholars:

Tawhid Al-Uluhiyyah, (al-Fatihah verse 4 and an-Nas verse 3)
God worships God only and because of Him.

Tawhid Ar-Rububiyyah, (al-Fatihah verse 2, and an-Nas verse 1) judged Allah in His deeds, believing and believing that only Allah created, controlled and ruled the universe.

Tawhid Al-Asma’ is-Nature, to be sure of Allah in asthma and His nature, means to believe that there is no creature like Allah, in dzat, asthma or nature.

Faith in qadar is among the tauhidar-rububiyah. Therefore Imam Ahmad said: “Qadar is the power of Allah”. Because, no doubt, qadar (destiny) includes qudrat and his complete power. In addition, qadar is the secret of God, no one can know except Him, written to The Lord Of Mahfuzh and no one can see it. We do not know the good or bad destiny that has been determined for us or for any other being, except after it has happened or based on the true nash.

Tawhid there are three kinds, such as the above and there is no term Tawhid Mulkiyah or Tawhid Hakimiyah because this term is a new term. If what is meant by Hakimiyah is the power of Allah, then this has entered into the contents of Tawhid Rububiyah. If what is desired by this is the implementation of God’s law on earth, then this has entered into Tawhid Uluhiyah, because the law belongs to God and we must not worship but only to Allah alone. Look at the word of God in Joseph verse 40.



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