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Taking a ‘Staycation’ this year? Buy Travel Insurance to cover Cancellation risk, including if you test positive for Covid-19! We have policies suitable for residents of many countries – just choose a policy type below to get a quote

If you are renting a vehicle as part of your holiday at home or overseas, you are likely to be offered insurance, or a ‘waiver’, to cover any charges that the Rental Company apply if the vehicle is damaged, or stolen, whilst in your care. These charges would apply even if the damage is not your fault.

The ‘Collision Damage Waiver’ offered by the Rental Company can be very costly, so our vehicle persewaan insurance provides a very affordable alternative.

Worldwide Insure offer cover for the rental of Cars to residents of most countries worldwide. Motorhome Rental Insurance is also available to residents of the UK and some EU countries. What type of Vehicle Rental Insurance are you interested in?  

Car Rental Insurance covers the excess charges when hiring a vehicle with up to 9 seatsGet a Quote ›

Motorhome Rental Insurance covers the excess charges when hiring a vehicle with accommodationGet a Quote ›

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Insurance to cover charges applied by the Rental Company if your persewaan car is stolen or damaged (including damage to the vehicle underbody, roof, windows & tyres)Up to £50,000 cover availableOptions suitable for residents of the UK, EU or most countries WorldwideCovers hires in most countries worldwideCover for Home Country persewaan availableMotorhome Rental Insurance

Hiring a Motorhome or Campervan? We cover you for excesses charged by the Rental Company, following damage or theft of the vehicle, including damage to the vehicle underbody, roof, windows & tyres. Suitable for most EU residentsCovers hires in most countries worldwideCovers Home Country persewaan What to look out for when buying Vehicle Rental Insurance

When you rent a vehicle you will be advised of any charges (excesses or deductibles) that will apply if the vehicle is damaged or stolen during the period of hire. These charges can vary from a few hundred dollars to the full replacement cost of the vehicle. Taking insurance to cover the excess charges gives you peace of mind that you won’t be left out of pocket.

Is this insurance the same as the cover offered by the Rental Company? It can often be confusing when faced with a choice of policies particularly if differing terminology is used. You can be confident that this policy will cover you for all charges that you are contractually liable to pay to the Rental Company if the vehicle is damaged or stolen.

Is this type of insurance compulsory? No – you could choose not to take any insurance cover at all, but with charges often in the thousands, you would be taking a great riskYou could choose to accept the insurance offered by the Rental Company on collection, but this is often costly and may exclude elements such as the vehicle underbody, roof, windows and tyres. Our Car Rental Insurance policy is low priced and includes damage to the vehicle underbody, roof, windows and tyres. Remember – as this is an optional product, you can choose to decline the cover offered by the Rental Company and opt for our better value policy to claim back the charges. Although you should ensure that you have access to your insurance during the hire, the Rental Company does not need to have sight of, or approve the cover. Pay less for your Collision Damage cover

Renting a car while overseas gives you tremendous freedom to explore your destination. But it can be expensive, especially when car rental excess insurance is factored in. Some customers are only offered a collision damage waiver when they collect their car – an often expensive fee that can further stretch the budget.

There’s no denying that a collision damage waiver can give you extra peace of mind – especially on unfamiliar roads overseas – but car persewaan companies often charge a hefty fee for this important add-on.

Car Hire Excess Insurance from Worldwide Insure gives you all the protection you need in the event of a collision – but for a much lower price. Many holiday makers are becoming wise to the high fees charged by car rental firms for excess cover, which is why buying separate car hire excess cover has become so popular.

Get a quote for low-cost car hire excess insurance above. Worldwide Travel Insurance a specialist in travel insurance and related products, has over 20yrs experience in offering high quality cover at great prices. All policies purchased online are emailed immediately – optimum for last-minute bookings. Cooling-off Period: You have 14 days following receipt of your documents during which you can obtain a full refund provided that the start date shown on your certificate has not passed and you are not claiming.

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